Jez Hellard and the Djukella Orchestra - Direct from the Shire

Top  What People Say

“Jez has the type of voice that impels you to listen. An unequivocal thumbs up. Ridiculously enjoyable… booking them a place amongst the best of celtic string arrangements.” Folk Radio UK

“It’s heartening to hear such thoughtful yet deeply felt songs, given the times we live in now. To hear them so well sung, so adroitly arranged and brilliantly performed is a joy.” Songlines

“Unclassifiable their music may be, but excellent it most certainly is. The results are captivating. A superb set.” R2 Magazine

" It is a rambunctious triumph of an album in which the energy never fades." -

"If you take your folk infusion wide, varied and without restraint then you’re going to love this. Jump in and let the current sweep you along." - Dan Holland, Folkwords Magazine

"Jez Hellard demonstrated that playing harmonica is a full on body experience...With fans across 3 continents, It was easy to see and hear what all the hullaballoo was about." - Earshot Magazine, Canada

"While I was expecting good things, I wasn`t expecting anything quite so ridiculously good as this." Moles - UK

"Playing music with Jez and Nye is like playing catch with someone who never drops the ball." - Maurice Jones

Posted: 5th Nov 2009 | Contact