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October 4th Thu
8:00pm - 10:00pm
Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra
Nottingham University
October 5th Fri
7:30pm - 10:00pm
Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra
Songs from the Curate`s Lounge, Long Buckby
2019 May 18th Sat
8:00pm - 10:30pm
Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra
Glenbuchat Hall, Strathdon

Top  Spring Wind - Summer Sun

Well the spring is definitely starting to bring a charismatic sophistication to the step of all the folks I encounter in the street. Creative explosions abound, and the summer is starting to shape up.

Thanks to Rich and Lisa and all the folks who made Sue's birthday party one of the most rewarding gigs I've experienced for ages. You people are noble giants.

This Friday, April 29th, I'll be on harmonica duty with Pilton's own cowboy band, The 32-20s at the Somerset Arms in Maiden Bradley. It's a garden party complete with bunting, booze and burgers. Roy and Kate who run the place are delightful hosts and the village is full of wonderful characters. If you're in Somerset or Wiltshire, wend your way through the lanes and join the fun.

After a couple more weeks of gigging, busking, recording, producing and rehearsing various projects in this 'ere West Country, I'll be hitting the road for the summer, starting with a weekend of gigs in the East Midlands with some of the Roving Blades at the end of May; Friday 27th at The Green Man in Stamford, and Saturday 28th at The Lamplighter in Northampton. Zoe is still a desirable alien so we may well be Jez Hellard and The Full English for those shows. Then it's on to Sunrise Celebration outside Bruton in Somerset, where I'll be playing with my very own Djukella Orchestra featuring some stella talent, with Stevie P's Wriggles of Nen, with Lauren Wilce, and with the delightful and mighty Chloe Laing. Anyone who has yet to hear Chloe should get off their proverbial and get out there and find her. You will NOT be disappointed.

As soon as Sunrise is finished, I'll be off to Bulgaria to catch up with the aforementioned Zoe Moffat, fresh from a stint in Toronto, for a tour through the Land of Blood and Honey. We'll be doing four weeks of Festivals, starting in Skopje, Macedonia, then on to Pristina, Kosovo, Budva, Montenegro, then to Croatia's beautiful Dalmatian coast for two festivals in Split and Shibenik.

So no Glastonbury this year, but hey-ho, when you get payed and treated well abroad, it's sometimes necessary to forgo the splendid hippy mayhem of Pilton for a year or two.

Zoe and I will return to Blighty on the 4th of July and reunite with the various mongrels of the Djukella Orchestra/Roving Blades for the rest of the summer's festival season. Specific dates, times etc will be added anon.

I hope the Spring is treating you all well. Happy travels to all.

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