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October 4th Thu
8:00pm - 10:00pm
Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra
Nottingham University
October 5th Fri
7:30pm - 10:00pm
Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra
Songs from the Curate`s Lounge, Long Buckby
2019 May 18th Sat
8:00pm - 10:30pm
Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra
Glenbuchat Hall, Strathdon

Top  On my way back home

Well the spring is definitely starting to spring in my soul, and for the first time in five or six years I have a place to call home. Not that I'm giving up the itinerant lifestyle but now I have a bed, and coffee. It's quite remarkable.

I'd like to extend massive gratitude to the people of Bristol, and indeed Bath, who have been so welcoming in the past couple of weeks, and I look forward to meeting and playing with a whole lot more of you.

The Roving Blades have, as ever, been willing to drive great distances to spread the word; most recently to the wild congregaton of the united church of Small World at the third of the Winter Warmer series of all-nighters in Peckham. Thanks to the lot of you. You're amazing.

In the coming weeks I will be organising some shows out west, both with the band and on my lonesome. I'm particularly looking forward to playing with the inimitable G. W. Seeger, aka Willow and the really rather magical Lauren Wilce, at the United Reformed Church in Glastonbury, thanks to the efforts of the over-worked Reverend Ev, in opening the venue up to live music and poetry.

My Debut solo album is coming along nicely; now to amass the funds to get it manufactured. With luck it will be ready in time for the start of what proves to be a wonderful festival season. Starting in England, I will then reunite with desirable alien Zoe Moffat to play festivals in Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia alongside a whole host of the unruliest of circus performers and vagabonds, before racing back to Blighty for the remainder of the season here.

As soon as all the details are in place, I'll post the schedule on here for you all to peruse. Happy travels... I'm looking forward to catching up with all sorts of you along the way.

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