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Top  Upcoming Gigs
October 4th Thu
8:00pm - 10:00pm
Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra
Nottingham University
October 5th Fri
7:30pm - 10:00pm
Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra
Songs from the Curate`s Lounge, Long Buckby
2019 May 18th Sat
8:00pm - 10:30pm
Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra
Glenbuchat Hall, Strathdon

Top  Hamburger Hurricane

Well a wild and windy October has blown by in what seems like the blink of an eye, and it’s nigh on time to hit the road for our Autumn tour.

After a truly delightful gig in a 16th century barn outside of Hamburg on Saturday night, we somehow managed to fly out in the beautiful, sunny calm before the hurricane, landing at Heathrow with not a hint of turbulence, to hear on the radio that Hamburg City centre was flooded, with homes and lives laid waste as far as Prague, and the storm, rolling ever eastward was bearing down on Moscow.

As someone who’s a little wary of flying (ever since a particular incident in a tropical storm over Brunei some years ago) I felt more than a little blessed to have been spared a roller coaster ride. Endless thanks to the Schmeling-Kludas clan for making it happen, and to the whole assembled company for such a warm welcome. Singing on an autumn evening in such a storied and mightily timbered structure is a rare treat. To think that sixteen generations of farmers have kept cattle and held feasts in that very space renews my faith in humanity almost as fast as the oratory of “The Donald” chips it away.

Since I last wrote, I’ve spent most of my days hurtling around the country and trudging the streets of those great metropolitan centres; London, Bristol and King’s Cliffe, putting up myriad posters and lingering outside every concert, folk club and venue, handing out flyers for our upcoming concerts. It’s generally a thankless task, but someone has to do it, and if I’ve learned anything in this game, it’s that delegating leads nowhere, and I can never see what there is to stop the professional flyerists from just dropping their stack in a bin on a quiet night and telling the boss they’ve all been given out.

It’s a fascinating business experiencing crowd psychology at close quarters. When an audience begin to poor out of a hall after a concert, if the first person takes a flyer with interest, a queue will form of those behind, all eager to get one themselves, but if at any point someone rushes past, brushing the flyer aside dismissively, the next ten people will do the same, turning their noses in the air and uttering almost imperceptible tuts and sighs of irritation at the very temerity of the offer. Fascinating and demoralising in equal parts on a windy night.

Tomorrow we set off for The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol and thence to Hatch Court in Devon, Priston Village Hall (near Bath) and then King’s Cliffe for a return to the very shire, and indeed the very room where we recorded the new album, before the official release concert at The Old Queen’s Head in Islington on Monday November 6th. We’re very much looking forward to seeing many of you along the way. for those of you in other countries, you’ll just have to close your eyes, listen to the live album online and pretend you’re there.

It seems that more than ever, in this world of antisocial media, people love to be spontaneous an hate to commit to a date, so selling tickets in advance (and therefore being confident the musicians and crew will be paid) is proving a wee bit slower than we would’ve liked, but be assured that there will be tickets on the door and you’re all welcome, should you not get a better offer at the last minute. If each of you can tell/bring one friend who lives within striking distance of one of the shows, we’ll sell out without a doubt. Anyone who calls their favourite radio show and asks for a shout-out will receive double karmic points and a free look at James’ knees.

If your reason for hesitation is financial, we’d hate money to be the thing which prevents you from hearing the music we’ve prepared for you. There will be a “musicians or otherwise impoverished” cheap list on the door of each show, so come with your best story and cut yourself a deal.

Now to rouse the Master of Space and time and head to London for one last night of canvassing folk clubs and perhaps even the odd song. See you all soon.

Here’s the list in full for you sticklers for detail…

November 1st - BRISTOL - The Wardrobe Theatre
Tickets: https://www.headfirstbristol.co.uk

2nd - DEVON - Hatch Court, Loddiswell, TQ7 4AJ
Tickets: email wheelwrightmark@gmail.com

3rd - BATH - Priston Village Hall BA2 9EE
Tickets - villagehallgigs.wordpress.com

4th - NORTHANTS - King`s Cliffe Village Hall,
PE8 6XD email thesofasessions@live.ie

6th - LONDON - Official Album Launch
The Old Queen’s Head, Islington, N1 8LN
Tickets - wegottickets.com/event/414343 www.theoldqueenshead.com

December 1st - EYEMOUTH - Hippodrome

2nd - MONIAIVE - Craigdarroch Arms Hotel

3rd - INVERNESS - Hootananny

4th - ABERDEEN - Blue Lamp

5th - GLASGOW - Star Folk Club

6th - KILBARCHAN - Centre for Peforming Arts

7th - FALKIRK Folk Club


9th - FIFE - Letham Nights

10th - EDINBURGH - Edinburgh House Concert*

Tickets: email contact@jezhellard.com for info

11th - HAWICK - String Theory

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